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Express Custom Wash

Rinse Wheel Wells

Degrease Wheels & tires

Hand Wash, Spray Wax & 

Hand Dry Exterior 

Wipe Door Jams 

Dress Tires

Locks De-Iced (Seasonal)

Starting at $19.99

Supreme Custom Wash

Rinse Wheel wells

Degrease Wheels & Tires

Hand Wash spray wax & Hand Dry Exterior

Vacuum Interior 

Interior Glass Cleaning 

Wipe down Dash and Door Jams

Dress Tires

Locks De-iced (Seasonal)

Starting at $39.99

Blondies Shampoo Special

Full Interior Shampoo, Headliner

Seats & Carpet

Wash and Dry Vehicle 

Vinyl Protectant

Ozone Treatment To Kill Bacteria

and Bad Odour

Q-tip Vents

Starting at $109.99 and up

Blondies Full Detail

Full Interior Shampoo Package

Tar Removal

Full Engine Wash & Shine

Trunk Shampoo

Rims & Tires Cleaned

Paint Sealant Wax Protection

Q-tip Vents

Starting at $179.99 and up

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